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Managing Director of Benyfit Natural Appointed PFMA Vice Chairman

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) has recently appointed Greg Van Praagh, MD of Benyfit Natural, as Vice Chairman to work alongside current Chairman, Tony Parkinson, of Town & Country.

Managing Director of Benyfit Natural Appointed PFMA Vice Chairman

Mr Van Praagh has been actively involved in PFMA committees for a number of years, including the Executive and Communications Committees and the Commercial Raw Producers Working Group.   

Mr Van Praagh said “I have represented the commercial raw pet food sector and the eleven companies within PFMA membership at the Executive Committee over the past two years. I am excited and honoured to take up this new role shaping the way forward for the raw sector and the industry as a whole”. 

Michael Bellingham adds “PFMA has changed dramatically in the fifteen years I have been on board – membership has doubled from 40 to 85 members and we now have a series of dedicated sector groups such as the group for commercial raw producers. This reflects how the sector continues to innovate and grow; Greg comes on board at an exciting time as we continue our Pet Food Vision journey and plan for our 50-year anniversary celebrations in 2020”

Michael Bellingham and the PFMA team look forward to working with Mr Van Praagh.

For more information, please contact Nicole Paley on 07718 518579 or email

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