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All about Pet Food

The PFMA is the leading trade body for the UK pet food industry and our 70 members account for over 90% of the market. (read more) At the PFMA we focus on providing pet owners and professionals with information on prepared pet foods and good nutrition.  Whether you are a pet owner or work with pets, we have toolkits to make it easy to implement healthy feeding regimes. Most of our articles are split by pet type but we also have a section dedicated to more technical subjects so click on the relevant box below. (read less)

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PFMA in the media

Total Boarding- May 2017 - Different Pet Food Formats

The PFMA unravels the science behind pet food formats: wet, dry and commercial raw. 

OTC - May 17 - Feeding Felines

Nicole Paley explains how dishing up the right food will help keep your cat healthy.

Popular Articles

Guinea Pigs - Nutritional Requirements

Guinea pigs, like humans but unlike rabbits, are unable to make their own Vitamin C within their bodies and so must be provided with Vitamin C as part of their diet.Read more

Feeding A Puppy

Puppies require about two and half times as many calories per kilogram bodyweight as an adult dog while they are growing.Read more

Feeding Your Older Dog (7+)

By around 7 years and older, dogs start to experience a decline in the function of certain organs, including the immune system.Read more

Feeding Your Cat

To have a happy and healthy pet it’s important they get fed the right food.Read more


PFMA’s fact sheet helps deciper the wealth of information on pet food labels.Read more